Baby Shower #3

Karen and I just had our last baby shower before the arrival of Jonathan.  This shower was a bit different from the others.  This one was a couples baby shower put together by my mom.  I was forced to wear a 15lb rice baby in a BabyBjörn.  I suppose my family thought I was not sympathetic enough for Karen during this time (or they just wanted to be amused).  It was a great time together.  There were lots of laughs (most of them at me).

Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful gifts. Karen and I really appreciate your support and excitement!

I have included the video of this, the opening of the gifts, and some pics. Enjoy!

Rice Baby
2:00 minute video of Robbie carrying a 15lb rice baby in a BabyBjörn.

Gift Opening
6:30 minute highlight video of the opening of gifts.

Picture Gallery

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