J’s First Popsicle

It’s Labor Day! That means a family cookout and fun! We had a cookout with the Telander side of the family at Mulberry Park in Dacula. It was a beautiful day – a strong, bright sun and a cool, refreshing wind. We got a couple of tables under the overhang and it just worked out perfectly for the pregnant women in the family! Jeremiah ran into one of the tables and got the bad end of the deal with a busted lip. Joe, his dad, went to the store and got some popsicles so Jeremiah could have something cold on his lip. After lunch and a long day of playing, we all decided to dive into the remaining popsicles! Jonathan and Hannah got to enjoy their first popsicle! I got some video of the kids enjoying the cold treats. Jonathan was tired and chose to remain quiet and finish his popsicle. Hannah was curious and wasn’t sure what to think about this new treat being given to her. Jeremiah, of course, was all smiles, enjoying every bite!

0:38 second video.

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