Mother’s Day 2016

The kiddos and I got to celebrate their mom today. Karen is amazing in every way. She does so much for this family. From home schooling to meal planning to being an entrepreneur, she does so many things and yet still has time for snuggles with the kiddos and time with her husband. I wrote on her Facebook page the following:

I wanted to be one of the first ones to wish you a fabulous day! In this new year, may you laugh ridiculously, smile infectiously, and dream incredibly. May your hard work show great reward and everything that you touch be blessed and prosper. You are an amazing entrepreneur and your customers are lucky to have someone that values their friendship above all else. I (and your kiddos) are enormously blessed to experience the richness of your selfless generosity and dedication to Christ. The future continues to be bright for you, my dear, and I, for one, am truly ecstatic to see you changing your stars. I am forever and always your biggest fan! Love you like crazy! Happy Birthday!

I got the kids together and asked them a bunch of questions about mom. Below is the video compilation. It’s pretty cool!

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